The Mission Committee was greatly pleased with the response of the saints at Hamilton who supported our two mission projects from January until April. The church collected tubs full of needed personal hygiene and toiletry items for Karis Home, a homeless shelter for women and children in Baltimore. Also, items were shared with the Baltimore Rescue Mission around the corner that serves homeless men. These items were delivered to the shelter by Janice, Ruth, Debbie, and Pastor Greg. The Supervisor, Ms. Joyce Hinnant, was overjoyed.


Additionally, the response to the One Great Hour of Sharing that raises funds for the Self-Development of People, Presbyterian Hunger Program and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance was gratifying. Your generosity, through envelope giving and the fish coin banks, has been sent to the PCUSA headquarters in Louisville.


Our committee continues to unload a tractor trailer of food each month, donated by Target and the Maryland Food Bank, at the Walter P. Carter Elementary/Middle School to provide food for children and their families during the last half of the month. Sadly, most people who use EBT cards (food stamps) run out by mid-month. We are following Jesus’ command in Mark 6:37- “You give them something to eat.”


During May and June our mission project will involve supporting the Medical Benevolence Foundation that promotes health care through the physical presence of medical mission co-workers, education, disease prevention, and curative care, for those in impoverished communities throughout the world suffering from acute and chronic illness.





















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Missions  2018


             In February, the church received a letter from Sy Hughes of the PCUSA, in acknowledgement of our gifts toward the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Program, which were collected for One Great Hour of Sharing.


             The gifts contributed to providing emergency assistance toward rebuilding in areas battered by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Emergency funding was used in areas of Texas, Florida, Cuba and Puerto Rico.


             The need was most pronounced in Puerto Rico, where throughout the island the loss of homes, infrastructure and loved ones touched almost every household. Many months later, thousands of people still lack electricity and running water. The church’s response included aid and cleanup on the island, support of Presbyteries in Florida and New England as they receive many Puerto Ricans displaced by the devastation, long term building and development. The PDA is able to support a coordinator for relief and development efforts in Puerto Rico from the Puerto Rican Presbyterian community.


             He states: “You have been so generous to us and we thank you.”


                 At the end of July we were able to send donations  to a number of  ministries including:


Baltimore Rescue Mission - Karis Home provides up to 30 days of emergency shelter for homeless women. 1228 E. Baltimore St.


Christian Community Center - A long-time ministry at 1412 Hollins Street, ministering to children and their  families.


St. Andrews Presbyterian Church - Western Gambela Bible School in Ethiopia. The donation is to help build a library building to house over 6,000 books collected for the Ethiopian seminary.


Damage in Puerto Rico